Long and thick eyelashes are a universal symbol of beauty , no matter you're a man or a woman, both sexes find beautiful eyes attractive. Some might it is more attractive especially when women boast long healthy eyelashes. Whether they are naturally long, curled or extensions long eyelashes, all that will give your face a glow. Even though it is a diminutive feature but it can make your eyes become more beautiful.
Long thick eyelashes make the eyes pop which making them appear bigger, wider and vivid. It can improve a person's confidence; It can operate as a boost of self esteem by bringing out the natural beauty of who's already obtain. If you don't have naturally long eyelashes or don't want to spend a lot of money and time on lash extensions, there comes the world popular eyelash enhancement eye drops- Careprost.
Alongside mascara you can also use eyelash enhancers. A non-prescription lash enhancer comes in a cream, gel or serum and is packaged in small tube or bottle. You apply it to your lashes only once a day, easy and simple, and it takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks for results. These enhancers come packed with bimatoprost which is mainly active ingredient to enhance eyelashes, careprost also contain minerals and vitamins to promote long, healthy and fuller lashes. Just remember to keep your lashes clean and free of any makeup debris to give the serum the chance to work properly. 
So are longer thicker eyelashes more attractive? Absolutely yes. And if you are not naturally born with them there are many ways to achieve long length. No matter your gender, long lashes help frame the face and shape your eyes.

  • Dec 15, 2016
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