Probably you already know what Latisse is and how absolutely phenomenal and effective it really is, because it will most definitely give you those thick long eyelashes. Serious, it's no lie. And if you have never heard of Careprost, the Latisse alternative, then read on.
Maybe you have already slapped on various lash growing serums , it simply won't be as thick or as long. Well, might as well get the cheapest and the most effective, careprost, and embrace what we got.
The biggest plus from using careprost is that eyelashes has started to curl, and it no longer grows straight out or downwards. You can noticed this phenomenon after about 6 months of use.  :)
Yes, this serum will most definitely and without a doubt -  grow your lashes longer, curlier, darker, and somewhat thicker, and even grow hair that stopped growing for many years from over plucking. However, it won't compare to falsie. No, falsies will always give you the best lashes. So if your plan was to use this and stop using fake lashes, then I don't think you will be as happy with the results.  
We know that it's a brilliant little product and that it's the only FDA-approved prescription treatment that grow lashes, but gosh it's so damn expensive at $140+ a bottle and requires a doctor's visit on top of that. With today's drowning economy who can afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a lash serum.
Thank God for Careprost, the Latisse's alternative, which has the exact same ingredients (bimatoprost 0.03%) and cost about US$27.9 and without a doctor's prescription at that.
If you don't want to read this review fully and merely want to know where to buy it -  buy
Careprost  here .
There are ways around it of course, you can buy through prepaid credit card, but make sure that it's international prepaid credit card.    

  • Dec 29, 2016
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