In summer, it is very awkward to have makeup meltdown, so we need a quick method to fix it.
According to skin care experts, makeup is a skill, in order to get a good look in the shortest time, you need to master some quick makeup techniques. Here are some makeup tips, as long as you follow them, you can fix your makeup meltdown in three minutes.
Here you need to pay attention to the following three points:
1, Girls should take precautions, when you find your makeup melted down, it is too late;
2, Choosing the light, fast product is the preferred;
3, Makeup four artifact: tissues, cotton swab, concealer pen, puff.
1, Using a paper towel to gently sucked sweat and sebum;
2, Using a cotton swab gently to press the pores of the more prominent parts;
3, Using concealer pen to cover dark circles and small acne, and then gently press with your fingertips, so that a better fit with the makeup face;
4, Using a puff in the face gently to marked a layer of loose powder, clear, thin is the key.
Last but not least, using our
careprost to enhance your eyelashes. It is the perfect thing to obtain longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.
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  • Jan 07, 2017
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