How to Use The Iconic Eyelash Conditioner- Careprost ?

All the worldwide women want to have beautiful longer, fuller and curlier eyelashes, but how can we get that ideal eyelashes? It is too slow to use natural methods such as castor oil, egg white and vitamins c mixture, so Careprost has been created for the large demand and a very special situation.

Careprost comprises of the active component called Bimatoprost, which is a synthetic prostamide. It is approved by FDA to reduce the intraocular pressure for patients with ocular hypertension and open-eye glaucoma. Then careprost is found to be effective for eyelashes enhancement.

To achieve the desired results, please be consistent with your Careprost treatment, apply every night.
Keep your face clean before applying the ophthalmic solution. Make sure that your makeup and contact lenses are removed.
Put one drop to the applicator provided and applied to the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. The upper eyelid in the area of lash growth should feel lightly moist without the runoff. Blot any excess solution runoff outside the upper eyelid using a tissue or a soft cotton cloth. It should be applied on the lower lid.
Wash your applicator with clean water, to use on the other eyelid. Avoid contamination of your applicator.
Careprost is an ophthalmic product. If it comes into the contact with your eye, it is not expected to cause harm. The eye should not be rinsed.
The product is meant to use on your upper lashes only. Please, don’t intentionally apply in your eye or to the lower lashes. There is the potential for hair growth to happen in areas where the solution comes in repeated contact with the skin surface.
The contact lenses may be reinserted 30 minutes following its administration.

You may see visible changes after six weeks treatment, and a better results can be attained within twelve to sixteen weeks. Everybody is different, but most people attain maximum results in around 12-14 weeks. The growth of eyelashes is gradual and over time. If you discontinue it, your eyelashes are expected to return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.

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